Elements for Life | Heavy Metal Detox Collection by Andrew Kaufman, M.D.


IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to supply chain difficulties, new orders for Zeofocus Zeolite, Clayrity Bentonite Clay, and the Elements of Life Detox Collection/Starter Kit will be delayed 2-4 weeks. This does not affect individual orders for Shilajit-Mumijo and Spagyric Cilantro which will be shipped as usual. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We do hope to rectify this situation as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Andrew Kaufman, M.D. presents a unique Heavy Metal Detoxification and Replenishing Strategy!
Elements For Life: The Heavy Metal Detox Collection is a powerful combination of Vital earth elements chosen for their powerful detoxification properties and replenishing effects.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have not already attended the Removing Heavy Metals Workshop with Protocol, then please consider purchasing the Elements for Life: Heavy Metal Detox Starter Kit (with Workshop and Protocol.)

The Collection includes:

The combined forces of Clayrity Bentonite Clay, Zeofocus Zeolite, Spagyric Cilantro, and Shilajit-Mumijo, address detoxification using a three-fold approach to remove toxins and heavy metals from the blood, gut, and the skin. Simultaneously, the body is re-nourished with essential minerals for a total detox/replenishment system.

Remove the Heavy Metals from Your Body and Return to Health!

RECOMMENDED: Learn how and why these elements work, in an optional Workshop hosted by Andrew Kaufman, M.D.
The Removing Heavy Metals: A Natural Approach Workshop and Protocol by Andrew Kaufman, M.D. is available to Download!

Dr. Andrew Kaufman’s curriculum includes emphasis on the strategies with the most clinical evidence behind them, such as Spagyric Cilantro and Zeofocus Zeolite. The role of trace minerals and chelation with fulvic minerals such as Shilajit will also be covered.

After watching this workshop, you will be able to recognize metal toxicity in your body, understand the source, and gain the knowledge to return to full health and vitality.

The Heavy Metal Detoxification Protocol by Andrew Kaufman, M.D. outlines steps that create a pathway for detoxification with procedures for water consumption, diet, and elimination utilizing the aid of natural compositions.

Take a deep dive and learn how to utilize these powerful elements with this specialized TERRAIN: The Workshops episode and learn about the benefits and how to use this amazing Heavy Metal Detox Collection to Transform Your Terrain!

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