A Special Message
by Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

Natural Healing Practitioner

The Alchemical Detox Course


The Alchemical Detox Course is a culmination of my life’s work seeking truth in biology and healing.

The alchemical formulation presented itself to me as the most insightful way of understanding nature. Alchemy is a paradigm for learning about the world we occupy based upon our own observation and experience without resorting to laboratory and computer simulations, or scientism as a way of obscuring the truth.

In the course of my experience as a mainstream health practitioner, first as a Physician Assistant in cancer medicine and later as a Forensic Psychiatrist, I saw firsthand that the approaches I was taught, mainly using pharmaceuticals, were not effective. I saw cancer patients die and mentally ill patients continue to suffer. I further saw how these very “treatments” were directly causing or accelerating the death and suffering of my patients.

As I began my personal alchemical process of dissolving my attachment to allopathic medicine, I realized that the entire enterprise is based on the bankrupt philosophy of reductionist materialism. I came to the realization that I needed a new paradigm through which to understand the true nature of health and biology.

Alchemy provides a clear and natural process for personal transformation to manifest. This has been the fundamental process I have undertaken to become an advocate for the new biology and natural healing. It has given me the tools to bring about real development and the courage to risk losing my medical career by speaking the truth about the medical system and the covid plandemic publicly.

The transformation process is one that involves breaking down the old ways, the toxic triggers, the misperceptions, and the addictions. After reducing yourself to your component elements and purifying your shadow to make way for the light, you will emerge as a more developed version of your true embodiment. You will be healthier, more energetic, re-balanced, and ready to meet your life’s goals and challenges with a newfound enthusiasm and vitality.

My alchemical detox course will walk you through these steps, teach you all the principles needed, and launch you into your own personal alchemical process of transformation.

I will take a deep dive into toxins and how they affect your body. You will learn about the principles and best methods of removing toxins and caring for the organs that bear the toxic burden. Do you know how powerful water is as an element and how it affects everything? You will! We will also work on removing heavy metals, and detoxing our livers, colons, and diets. We will learn about healing solvents that can aid nature’s miraculous gift of healing.

Not only am I going to teach you about the physical aspects of detoxification, I’m also going to talk about the psychological and spiritual aspects and what you will experience, and how you can turn this around to work in your favor.

What this means for you is that you will go from your current state of health and vitality, and emotional and spiritual well-being through this transformative process. On the other end will be a new and better version of you with improved health, improved vitality, improved emotional stability and outlook, as well as being on a spiritual development path that will take you wherever you want to go in life.

This course is different from many other courses out there because I’m not just teaching you my protocols and telling you what to do. In contrast, I’m giving you a comprehensive knowledge base and curriculum that will allow you to design and customize your own healing protocols to meet any need.

Whether you are healthy and looking to improve your vitality, whether you’re struggling with some minor health nuisances, or even if you have a serious life-threatening condition to contend with, this course will meet your needs. This information will also be applicable for healing professionals to enhance and expand your knowledge base.

The course will consist of a series of video lectures, which I recorded after developing this curriculum for over a year. With each of these instructional modules, there will be extensive supplemental materials, including slides, research papers, protocols, recipes, and other sources of information. There will be assignments related to each module as well, so that you can do some of your own research and exploration to enhance and fortify your knowledge.

There are many bonus materials including research and integration exercises. And most importantly, you will have a journal to plan your own customized detox protocol and to record your progress as you carry out your own healing and transformational process.

When you join the course, you will be invited to participate in a special webinar called Alchemical Transformation, where you will be able to go over your questions and work on your detox plan with Dr. Kaufman. You will become a lifetime member of a dedicated Telegram Group Community for continued support.

First, I will begin with two introductory webinars. The first webinar is entitled Alchemical Healing. I will have a special guest Steve Young, who is a theoretical physicist, as well as a music composer and successful DJ also known as Hedflux. He will introduce the alchemical sciences and play his musical composition based upon alchemical principles. Then I will teach you how the alchemical principles and steps will apply to your healing process and introduce you to Spagyric Medicine.

The second introductory webinar is called Spiritual Alchemy. Dr. Kelly Brogan and I will be discussing the psychological barriers to engaging in your own healing process. We will talk about food addictions, trauma, gratitude, contemplation, and other psychospiritual issues to help you have an enriching transformational experience.

These webinars are already included for everyone who purchases the full Alchemical Detox Course. You can also get them separately or as a package with digital downloads and bonus material. Please do sign up for these exciting webinars and get an introduction to the potential that you can have for healing through my unique and thorough process.

During The Alchemical Detox Course, you will immerse yourself in the milieu of possibility to realize your true self and manifest love and abundance in your life. You will raise your consciousness to enact these principles and become a radiant beacon of inspiration to those around you. I want you to consider taking advantage of this amazing opportunity in order to meet your most important health goals. I urge you to sign up now and I can’t wait to see you there.

Now is your time for transformation!



These two special webinars will provide guests with an introduction to the Alchemical Principles and how those principles are applied to the natural wisdom of the body for lasting health freedom. 

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