Trace Minerals

Before the Industrial Revolution we got adequate nutrition from the land. Modern agricultural practices with monocrops, herbicides, and nitrogen fertilizers have stripped the soil of trace minerals. Trace minerals are various metals which are utilized by our bodies to optimize our cellular physiology. They may act as co-factors or organometallic compounds for various enzymes and other proteins. For example, it is the iron in hemoglobin that binds the oxygen in our blood.

Trace minerals can help with various health concerns when properly replenished. Common maladies that may be due to a mineral deficiency include:

  • Peripheral neuropathy (numbness and tingling in the extremities)
  • Brain fog
  • Erectile dysfunction

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that tap, bottled, spring, or even mineral water has the adequate amount or spectrum of minerals. This is also true for pink and Celtic salts.

Trace minerals can also be helpful for heavy metal removal. When our bodies are deficient in trace minerals, our proteins sometimes substitute toxic metals, including lead, mercury, and aluminum. When the appropriate metals, such as molybdenum, copper, chromium, and manganese are returned, they displace the toxic metals and restore proper function. The toxic metals can then be appropriately excreted.

Fulvic acid, fulvic minerals, and shilajit are all good products to replace trace minerals. There are many good products available from a variety of retailers. When choosing a product, make sure the levels of toxic metals, such as arsenic, are well below safe levels. You can request product testing from the manufacturer to be sure.

I generally recommend shilajit since it contains a broader spectrum of minerals. It is a tar that was left behind by an ancient forest after all the organic matter decayed. It is mined form the earth in Russia and other places.

Instructions for use:
If you are using the resin/paste form of shilajit, scrape out a pea size amount (200mg) using a fork or spoon and place in a glass of water. Let it dissolve and then drink. Alternatively, you can use hot water or even mix with organic herbal tea for an earthy, hot beverage.

Update: After much research and investigation I have finally found a harvesting process I can stand behind which is locally sourced here in America. Check out my personally labeled Medicamentum Authentica brand Shilajit-Mumijo.

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  1. Do you know of a way to put these minerals back into the soil when growing your own food? I would think that would be a better way to achieve the desired result than using a supplement.

    Also, thanks for all the work you are doing bringing forth the truth about this “pandemic”. I would love to actually follow up by reading the information about the research you did on the 1918 experiment. Could you get a link together so that I can check that out?

    Thanks again!

    1. The microbes in the soil should be changing the soil suitable for plants and creating and providing them (and for you) even the missing minerals if they are just provided the three basic things to flourish : (1) Food, (2) Water, (3) Shelter.

      This can and should be scientifically proven. These are necessary and enough for any living creature to flourish. Start providing dead materials for the living microbes and creatures. Adding minerals is like medication to the soil and does not help the microbes which are the base of all crops. Try to change the soil structure instead, if necessary.

      All living creatures, including people, pets, insects and plants reflect to the emotions of a man. See what are yours and do something if you are not happy. For more information check ‘Creating Loving Ecosystems’ by DivineTruth.

    2. Volcanic Ash sometimes known as basalt contains a great deal of the minerals required. Leave the land for a couple of years after digging in to allow soil biota to replenish then growth will be abundant.
      Avoid man made chemicals as the living soil is destroyed.

      1. Maybe…but if the slime as created ?millions of years ago, its not contaminated by the airborne chems of industrialization, radioactive isotopes created by nuclear testing, etc.,
        Its probably heathily free of heavy metals such a the Hg created by industry and coal burning…also micro-plastic waste thats in all seafood now, glyphosate, the list goes on…


      Glacial rock dust would be good to supplement soils with missing and trace minerals. You can get it from many gardening centers. I even occasionally add a half teaspoon or so to my smoothie for a mineral kick. Eating a bit of good healthy soil is also good for me from time to time.

    4. i happened to write a post about that today … if you have no time or patience for it go straight to the resource list of

      i have a playlist called ‘my crushing passion’ if you do have time and patience.
      pretty song halfway this vid … and it voices a wellknown / widespread sentiment … yet the deeper reason / cause remains taboo … cause it would be an enormous catalyst / stimulus towards purging fakery of all sorts.

      In the late 70s John D Hamaker tried to use nutrition data to illustrate and impress readers with an urgency to top up soils — with that most ancient of blessings, product of ice ages and big rivers alike, silts and slibs practically bursting and buoyant with fine rock dust — in order to get trace mineral activity there and ‘transpositation’ [in]to foodstuffs for creatures great and small, back up to par [having been injured, insulted and harmed by pharmaffiose mindset fall out for over a hundred years at that point].

      In light of the above i claim the famous Mouse Experiments applies to places like the Netherlands only, or, whereever and and long as nutritional quality is in decline, iow, where the following conditions apply in spades: hi rates of exploitation and exhaustion, no substantial and fundamental replenishment of the sort mentioned happenin … in fact, the opposite takes place. Witness
      A: the hysteria that obscures facts around the handling of ‘granuliet’ in the past years. Hey, i demonize my lifesaver if i want to right? Feefee FaFoem Feminarcy Fears … the very source of sweet nothing??
      B: the simple fact all dem dumb dikes block and keep settlement and precipitation of newly arriving minerals out.
      When was the last time you realized this? First time, right?

    5. In the book. The invisible rainbow. Arthur the author talks about the 1918 experiments in detail and with sources . Very very good book check it out

  2. Dr. Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

    That’s a good idea. I have not looked into it but you may be able to mix shilajit in your soil. I think it would require some research to see the mineral content of your soil before and after adding a source of trace minerals.

    The 1918 experiments are contained in the book “The Invisible Rainbow” by Arthur Firstenburg.

    1. Dr. August Dunning has done extensive field work in this. Check out Habitat Crisis online and restore the minerals in soil to combat disease. Very helpful.

    2. Utah has some great mineral deposits. The Hunza’s from Northern Pakistan are one of the ‘longevity’ cultures routinely apparently living to 120 and often not getting sick until reaching 100. If they leave and consume foods and the environment in N.A. apparently they die on schedule 70-72. It is reasoned that ‘glacial milk’ water coming from the mountains is high in minerals. It was not drinking said water but rather growing their food in a way that produces high brix food.
      Eating minerals if you possess a robust gut microbiome may access some. A better strategy IMO is to make ‘Johnson-Su’ compost pile (higher fungal populations) with the minerals in the pile and then to grow open pollinated or heirloom plants (in a minimum till model with complementary mychorrhizal fungal hyphae. To test whether this is working is to simply eat the food. If the produce tastes excellent this is evidence that your system is working (high brix -evidence of minerals present -understand rhizophagy check out Dr. Christine Jones from Australia -agronomist). If your produces rots and tastes poor then you know that disease is on it’s way.
      Thank you for advancing our understanding Dr. Kaufman!

  3. I googled it and found this website

    One of my patients, a dairy farmer analyzed her soil. She then added rock soil to help with mineral deficiencies. I thought that was generous of her because she wouldn’t get paid any more for her milk.

    Science has not really delved deep into Trace mineral deficiencies, perhaps because research is expensive, and Pharmaceuticals won’t make money from it. On the contrary, they would lose money as people would get healthier and use fewer drugs!

    1. Altair there is no research because big profit cannot be made from curing disease by inexpensive preparations such as trace minerals.

      1. Thank you Andrew! The Dr’s I’ve met in the last several years of my life, wouldn’t want to help figure out why, or what may be ailing you? That’s for sure! This is a little off topic, but sort of related!

        It’s sad, you know? the Dr’s here on Vancouver Island BC, “do not care” about what’s actually making you unhealthy, or why the symptoms? they only want to drug, the fall out symptoms, or results of what’s actually wrong! No need to dig for a diagnoses when you think that way! There appears to be no such thing as deeper diagnosing, or specialist care, there’s just the masking of symptoms with drugs that hurt and harm more then they heal!

        We have a “lot” of older people” here on the Island, and you can tell my Dr.s (that I’ve encountered) are sick to death of dealing with old people issues, and everyone else that’s not well. They are over worked, and consequently their jaded, booking way toooo many appointments in a day, so there’s “never” any time to explain your issues, just time to write Rx’s! The only good Dr’s that will at least, listen to you, are the not so jaded interns, if your lucky enough to see one inbetween! It’s just too bad those interns, don’t have a real say in your health, they only fill out Rx’s for your Dr.! That’s all their there for! Get you in, get you out! Lickety split!

        The Dr’s here are so bad, they will literally kick you out of their office, because they know there’s a long line up of patents ready replace you, if you disagree, or stand up for your self, or, your lack of treatment! They will also pollute your file, to make it harder for you to find a Dr., they look at it as your being an unruly, or a nonconforming patient! Even when your just simply frustrated with your lack of care, and their lack of concern! I talked to one Methadone patient who said this Dr. never touched her body in all ten years she seen him!!!!! OMG! You risk loosing a Dr. for good, one you can not replace because there’s not enough Dr’s to go around here!

        My Dr. never examines me, rarely touches me, never takes my blood pressure, (at that time I was on “high doses” of a couple of not so great drugs, and was actually really suicidal because of those drugs, and mostly because of that horrible judgment! (that I did nothing to earn) My treatment here for seven years on Vancouver Island almost pushed me to kill myself, I even got a do not resuscitate tattoo over my heart! Which my Dr. told me doesn’t count! She has to sign a form every year, like permission, what a crock! The drugs, were not helping my brain of course!

        I was actually told, by my Dr. “that if I quit this particular pain drug, that she would not help me anymore! It was high doses of methadone, for an at least provable, chronic pain form two car MVA’s. I was on 8mg 3 x a day of methadone for ten years, and a different narcotic for the ten years before that, a total of twenty years pollution to my body, and also was on toooo much gabapentin for twenty years! They are go to drugs, here unfortunately! I managed to completely stop taking them both, it took almost 6 years to get off, without her help, or any support!

        I started by talking less then prescribed, and hoarding my methadone, out of fear, because of a Dr. (the one that never touched his patients) kicking me out of his office, when I questioned his lack of treatment, he actually said to me, “I write out your Rx’s don’t I” I said that’s all you do, and that was it, he told me then I could get out of his office! He then, came out and embarrassingly told me in front of the whole office of patients, that I could go and find another Dr.!

        That day, he purposely put me into withdraw because he then polluted my file, so no other methadone Dr. (their were only 3) would take me, I was literately treated like a drug addict, (not that they should be treated bad) even though, I never ever did that! They try to make you sign stupid contracts of rules, which I wouldn’t sign! I had to wait a month for a new methadone Dr. apt! That day, changed my life forever, in a bad way, but later in a great way! Thanks crappy Dr.!

        What’s crazy is they were not interested in my prior medical records from my old Dr. I had for ten years, even though I was on such high doses of medications, from when I had moved here, they simply just continued the drugs, based only, by what I told them, and drug store records, which I had a good record and no complaints! But, they did not care about my actual, what was wrong with me records, they simply were not interested in that part of me! I had to insist on two different cat scans, almost seven years later, just so they would have to look at my issues, updated wise! Validated finally!

        I’m proud to say, after an uphill journey, of both dark and light, after much self work, I don’t take any drugs now, I framed my last methadone Rx in 2016, and I don’t go to the Dr.’s now, I trust myself more to figure me out, then I can my Dr.! It’s sad when it comes to that!

        I’m a sixty year old female, and will not be going to the Dr.s for any of their medication in my future, I think their simply poisoning us, physically and mentally! My Dr., she rudely watches, and points to her watch while I’m trying to talk to her! It’s frustrating when you can’t do anything about it! I now know, that “I” am my own, best, self advocate, I can rely on me to have my back! Hope you don’t mind my sharing that story! It is a story of hope and fight, once you change your circle of thought, anything is possible! I am “living” proof! Thank you again!


          Go find yourself a good homeopath, acupuncturist, and maybe a traditional chinese medicine (TCM) practitioner. That’s about all you should ever need again.

  4. What would be your recommended frequency for taking shilajit? I’m sure I recall hearing you saying a few times a week, but just wanted to confirm. Is there any benefit to taking it daily for a period of time, presumably to reach a ‘saturation point’, if that concept is at all valid?

    Further to soil mineral content… I had typed out a comment, but came across this page which undermined what I had come to accept. Check out the video linked at the bottom. I guess if you’re composting then that’s good enough.

    1. Thank you for your work doctor! So much respect, brother! Can you please make a personal recommendation on which bran of Shilajit i should buy? Not asking for your official “sponsoring” but would really just appreciate you telling me a good one to get.


        The liquid types are much more potent than dry powdered types. The more viscous are usually the better ones are they actively seep from the rock in some places. I have a few types and my favourite is like thin molasses. Delicious in warm milks with honey and spices. Try Tibetan and Ayurvedic doctors for good quality supplies.

    2. You may take it daily, especially if you are experiencing symptoms of a deficiency. For maintenance, 3-5 days a week is sufficient.

  5. Patricia Gallagher

    Thanks for the video on the corona virus ‘test’ science. I appreciate the clarity in pointing up the lack of foundation at every turn.

  6. Hi Andrew,
    I recently stumbled upon a video you were involved in and you’ve taken me on quite a journey since and I thank you for that. I’m interested in taking these trace minerals but I have a condition called haemochromatosis. Would the iron content in these be an issue for me? Also I’ve been having venesections for my condition for 8wks now but since I started following you I’m wondering are you aware of any other ‘more natural’ ways of lowering my iron levels?
    Many thanks
    Steven (Ireland)

    1. Steven,
      There should be no problem taking shilajit. If there’s any iron in it the amount is trivial.

      I would have to research a bit to see how your condition may be addressed naturally but I suspect some form of iron detox would be the way. If you would like me to look into it please request a consult.


  7. Alternative Mystic

    I just purchased my first batch of shilajit and am excited to see what the results will be. I do from time to time feel numbness and tingling in my extremities mainly my hands and i eat and drink relatively well – no fast food, so this seems to be a welcomed addition.

    For those concerned about soil and minerals in their garden or acreage, Try planting some True Comfrey. True Comfrey has giant tap roots that pull hidden nutrients from the earth to its base and then you can use its hardy leaves and stems to supplement your compost and help bring back some of those missing nutrients into your space. It is quite invasive if not looked after unless you get the russian breed but i just recently learned of it and welcome its presence.


      Try eliminating nightshades from your diet for a bit. (tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, tomatillos and eggplant) My girl and I have bee trying for a month now and feel great. But she notices a strange tingling in her feet if she goes off and indulges in them now. Might be related or not. Might be something worth trying a bit yourself regardless.

  8. Why not just take a multivitamin that has the four mentioned? First example I found:
    “THE BEST INGREDIENTS MADE FOR YOU: Folic Acid Biotin Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) C D E B1 B2 (Riboflavin) B3 (Niacin) B5 B6 B12, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Selenium, Copper Manganese, Chromium, Molybdenum, Wild Yam Extract, Red Clover Extract, Lutein, Cranberry Extract, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Lycopene, Goldenseal Root, Echinacea, Spirulina, Garlic, Green Tea, Hawthorne Berries, Cinnamon Bark Extract, Bilberry Fruit Extract, Grape Seed Extract, Black Currant Fruit Extract & Pomegranate Fruit Extract”

  9. Muhammad nazir

    Hi doctor, i m very glad to read benefit of shilajit in this blog. I live in a place where the shilajit is extracted(actually mined) from mountains . it is used locally mostly in our area for joint pains and erectyle dysfunction. i have a very important question: can shilajit be used for treatment of autism in kids due to vaccination? My son is mild autistic and i want to treat him myself using natural foods/medicines.please advise me what foods or supplements can detoxify my son from the heavy metals he has from autism?

  10. What about the “hormone” Ascorbate, which we can no longer make in our livers from glucose? Is it not important to take Ascorbate to correct this birth defect?

    P.S.: 4+ countries, for more than a month now, have been curing covid-19(84) with intravenous 24,000mgs. for 7 days, with zero (0) mortality in the treated patients. See for documentation…

  11. Thank you for all of the information that you provide.

    I can’t find a URL or an online store that offers the brand that you said you trust in your post on trace minerals (Mumijo) – can you suggest an alternate brand or if you happen to have a URL for Mumijo I would be appreciative.

    1. The name ‘Mumijo’ is not necessarily a “brand” name it’s actually Russian (МУМИЁ) and is derived from the Greek, originally meaning ‘body-preserving’. In Ayurveda Mumijo is called ‘Shilajit’ or ‘Salajeet’ ; ‘Nectar of the Gods, The Destroyer of Weakness, The Conqueror of Mountains’. Perhaps the following site will satisfy:

  12. Good old Whole Herbs that grow in Nature are a GIANT source of trace minerals which the body is actually designed to digest, assimilate, utilize and eliminate that were used for thousands of years and are time tested. People ought to revisit whole herbs – not to be confused with man-made vitamins and mineral isolates which aren’t digestible and usable by the body the way whole herbs are.

  13. This is very interesting. My husband has an autoimmunity called Wegener’s. He does have peripheral numbness and tingling in his feet and legs. The Wegener’s condition is in remission altho he still is taking methotrexate. My question is if one is eating a whole food plant based diet, are you not getting everything you need other than B12 which I supplement. Are the trace minerals not in a plant based diet? Dr T. Colin Campbell in his book “Whole” has stated that you should eat the whole food and not take isolated vitamins and minerals. What is your opinion please. thanks Donna.

  14. ” Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that tap, bottled, spring, or even mineral water has the adequate amount or spectrum of minerals. This is also true for pink and Celtic salts.”

    Does shilajit has the adequate spectrum of minerals?
    Can you specify adequate for me?

    Shilajit would have 84, where the wet grey celtic salt would have 92 trace minerals and 88 when dried.

    I grew up as a kid with ‘the knowledge’ that salt kills plants.
    10 years ago I have successfully grown vegetables with only tap water and Celtic sea salt. Now I use organic material and now and then a feed with salted water (2 gram/Litre).
    I also use it in my tropical fresh water aquarium (0.5 gram/Litre) with great success; healthy fish and plants.
    I read that the spectrum of minerals in seawater water is very close to that of our blood and that diluted seawater was used to give a dog a successful ‘blood’ transfusion (or top up).

    The wet grey celtic salt would be the lowest on NaCl, (kitchensalt) and would have the most minerals.
    The “fleur de sel” salt is the very white NaCl rich top layer above the grey salt which they harvest first and is much more expensive but less healthy. My guess is that air pollutants (weather modification, Al, Ba, Sr and more) will mostly be in this top layer.

    AFAIK switching from regular salt to celtic sea salt has been the most simple en cheapest thing I did to improve my health (joints, teeth, hair and overall health is better) and my food tastes better with it. I give people around me a bag of salt and a tube of fluoride free toothpaste instead of regular presents. Most like it and keep using it because I told them it is important for their health and like the taste of the salt. For some it is an invitation to start their journey to look for truth.

    I will look out for Shilajit and try it, but the awful taste (from what I have read) might make me take it less often or not at all.

    Keep up the great work Andrew and all who read this. Truth will set us free!

  15. Hi Andrew,
    the words Mumijo and Shilajit seem to be interchangeable; in that I can’t find the brand ‘Mumijo’ that you recommend. What is the actual Brand you use? I have been drinking only distilled water for nearly a year now, relying on a vegetable based diet to supplement

    1. Aluminum pans, not for me. I read something about them way back, and we haven’t used them since. If you rub some of them hard with a cloth, the aluminum will come off onto the cloth. Nerve poison I think. Another thing, a lot of water heaters have an aluminum sacrificial anode which dissolves over time into the water. I never use the water heater water for hot drinks or food prep. I suspect that some aluminum is plated onto dishes during dishwashing, but haven’t seen proof of it.

  16. Combing through the comments I believe I have the answer; sorry I didn’t see it before; my question was the same in effect as Steven’s – 20th May, to which Jonathan replied… I’m presuming the ‘house’ preference for Shilajit/Mumijo is from…
    Lotus Blooming Herbs

  17. Would you consider adding a page to your website listing in chronological order, preferably with links , your various videos, presentations, etc. So it would be easier for visitors to keep up to date on what you have to say. My website is not currently being updated but still relevant. Techmicsl problems. And I am currently not accessing email.

  18. So if toxins can cause disease, can coughing or sneezing droplets from an ill person be considered a toxin that other people call germs? Or is there nothing possible in such droplets that could cause harm? Or is that just another way to ask a question you already answered? If so, sorry. I don’t think I already said that , maybe someone else did.

  19. Dr Kaufman , could you please explain the benefits of blood cleansing , because
    I have been looking at Schuessler tissue salts , calcium sulphate , what benefits could they provide? And all the other tissue salt range. Thank you in advance.
    Respectfully, Gary.

  20. This is exactly why we should stop burying our dead. Have them cremated & the ashes spread on the fields where we grow our food. This puts at least some of the minerals back into the soil.

  21. Dr Kaufman, my biggest concern about RO is the remineralisation cartridge – seems to contain minerals from the wrong sources. Im thinking to get one without it and suppliment with fulvic acid a few times a week. Would this suffice? We eat alot of our own grown fruit so we should mineralise from this too (ive started adding touch of fulvic acid to the soil too)..

  22. Dr Kaufman, do I have to add trace minerals to the distilled water or Shilajit would be enough?
    Also I have varicocele and I am wondering if there’s any natural way to treat it? I would be very grateful.
    Many thanks for your work.

  23. There might be some controversy about what I am about to add: boron depletion in the over used soil and adding it to your regimen. Some form of boron is present in a lot of products we consume , especially vegetables. Boron serves many functions in our body… joints, eye lubrication additive. I am no expert about boron but I know it has helped my joints a lot. How/where do I get it? From the BORAX laundry box that gramma used to add to her washing (20 Mule Train brand right out of the box). Note: I said borax not boric acid….a few sips from a mix of borax (1 tsp & 1 litre of water)/day for a few weeks. I suggest an internet search for boron or borax uses and do your own research to your satisfaction. The mining and transporting of borax is an interesting story. Basically it comes as is from a huge open pit east and south of Bakersfield California. Diligent homework is needed to understand this mineral.

  24. There might be some controversy about what I am about to add: boron depletion in the over used soil and adding it to your regimen. Some form of boron is present in a lot of products we consume , especially vegetables. Boron serves many functions in our body… joints, eye lubrication additive. I am no expert about boron but I know it has helped my joints a lot. How/where do I get it? From the BORAX laundry box that gramma used to add to her washing (20 Mule Team brand right out of the box). Note: I said borax not boric acid….a few sips from a mix of borax (1 tsp & 1 litre of water)/day for a few weeks. I suggest an internet search for boron or borax uses and do your own research to your satisfaction. The mining and transporting of borax is an interesting story. Basically it comes as is from a huge open pit east and south of Bakersfield California. Diligent homework is needed to understand this mineral.

    1. Boron is also used to remove accumulated fluoride and heavy metals from the body
      Fluoride not only causes bones and joints to deteriorate, but also the pineal gland to calcify and the thyroid gland to become under-active. Borax reacts with fluoride ions to form Boron fluorides which are then excreted in the urine.

      How To Detox From Fluoride

      Doctors expose the dark agenda behind the vax(ine program.
      You will find links on this page, to the videos where the doctors above are issuing dire warnings against the taking of the cov!d vaX(ine

      If everyone saw this video, this would insanity would end overnight.
      If this doesn’t move your soul into action, I don’t know what will. Rise up!

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