Trace Minerals

Before the Industrial Revolution we got adequate nutrition from the land. Modern agricultural practices with monocrops, herbicides, and nitrogen fertilizers have stripped the soil of trace minerals. Trace minerals are various metals which are utilized by our bodies to optimize our cellular physiology. They may act as co-factors or organometallic compounds for various enzymes and other proteins. For example, it is the iron in hemoglobin that binds the oxygen in our blood.

Trace minerals can help with various health concerns when properly replenished. Common maladies that may be due to a mineral deficiency include:

  • Peripheral neuropathy (numbness and tingling in the extremities)
  • Brain fog
  • Erectile dysfunction

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that tap, bottled, spring, or even mineral water has the adequate amount or spectrum of minerals. This is also true for pink and Celtic salts.

Trace minerals can also be helpful for heavy metal removal. When our bodies are deficient in trace minerals, our proteins sometimes substitute toxic metals, including lead, mercury, and aluminum. When the appropriate metals, such as molybdenum, copper, chromium, and manganese are returned, they displace the toxic metals and restore proper function. The toxic metals can then be appropriately excreted.

Fulvic acid, fulvic minerals, and shilajit are all good products to replace trace minerals. There are many good products available from a variety of retailers. When choosing a product, make sure the levels of toxic metals, such as arsenic, are well below safe levels. You can request product testing from the manufacturer to be sure.

I generally recommend shilajit since it contains a broader spectrum of minerals. It is a tar that was left behind by an ancient forest after all the organic matter decayed. It is mined form the earth in Russia and other places.

Instructions for use:
If you are using the resin/paste form of shilajit, scrape out a pea size amount (200mg) using a fork or spoon and place in a glass of water. Let it dissolve and then drink. Alternatively, you can use hot water or even mix with organic herbal tea for an earthy, hot beverage.

Update: After much research and investigation I have finally found a harvesting process I can stand behind which is locally sourced here in America. Check out my personally labeled Medicamentum Authentica brand Shilajit-Mumijo.