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My new practice is geared towards individuals that are seeking personal guidance in their journey to natural healing and freedom. Here I can work with you on a personal level and customize a plan that fits your exclusive needs. My expert Consulting Services cover a wide range of areas.

• Natural Healing Consultation
Dr. Andy can assess any health issue you might be experiencing. This includes physical and psychological issues of any kind. You will learn how to heal yourself the natural way.

• Health Advocacy
If you or your loved one is not sure about alternative or natural healing strategies, Dr. Andy can help teach you the risks and benefits of different approaches and will provide objective, scientific information to assist you in your most important decisions.

• Cancer Advocacy
Dr. Andy will educate you and your loved ones on the risks and benefits of standard vs. alternative treatment for cancer. Dr. Andy is familiar with many different approaches to cancer and will make sure you know what’s out there.

• Medical Science Consultation
Dr. Andy will consult on most Medical Science topics including Covid-19, Virology, Germ Theory and Vaccines.

• Curriculum Development
Dr. Andy can help develop any educational curriculum relating to health, health practice, and medical science.

• Professional Mentoring
Any healing professionals looking to transition into true, natural healing or looking for help setting up a practice look no further. Dr. Kaufman can help by sharing his experience and knowledge of various successful ways to practice ethical medicine and make a living.

• Business Consulting
Dr. Andy will advise you on ethical business practices in the true healing space. He will present creative ways of running a business based upon the principles of Agorism and Freedom. Dr. Andy has invented and patented a medical device, run several businesses, and worked in many different clinical settings. If your business has anything to do with health, Dr. Andy can help.

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If you would like to schedule a Consultation Session, please complete the Consultation Intake Form.

Media and Professional Interviews

Dr. Andy is taking requests for interviews, documentaries and related projects. He is supportive of individuals creating Freedom and Truth based media. If you would like Dr. Andy to appear on your show, podcast, webinar or documentary, please submit a request using the form provided. Truth and Freedom for All.

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Here are a few topics that you can connect with me and my team about.

  • Affilliate Requests
    If you would like to participate in an afilliate program with us.
  • Media and Professional Interview Inquiries
    If you have a question or inquiry relating toMedia and Professional Interviews.
  • Testimonial or Review
    If you benefited from something of mine that you heard or read, or you used my Shilajit-Mumijo and it helped you then let me and my team know.
  • Shop and Shipment Inquiries
    Any and all Customer Service requests involving the Shop, Products, Shipments or any other Service-related issues.
  • Website Issues and Technical Support
    Any and all technical issues involving Memberships, Subscriptions or any other website- related issues.
  • General Comments and Well-Wishes
    Any and all comments that you think we should know but do not require immediate reply.
  • General Inquiries
    If you have other questions about any of my products or services.

Thank you for your support and being a part of my community!

Together, we will continue to unveil the truth in health and medicine, preserve our freedom and resist medical tyranny!

Authentic Medicine and Freedom for All…

In Peace,

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