Analemma Water Wand | Standard Pack

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Aǹalemma is a tool that transfers regular tap water into its supercharged, full-spectrum, coherent state. In regular tap water, H2O molecules move in a chaotic and irregular manner. Through a simple process, Aǹalemma radically changes the state of water by transferring the H2O molecules into a liquid crystalline structure. That structure and stability of it have a remarkable influence on all living things.

Aǹalemma water loves the sun, so we suggest that you expose it to open sunlight at least once or twice a week. It will supercharge the effects and keep it that way.

Aǹalemma material specification:
  • Stainless steel holder
  • Stainless steel case
  • Quartz glass vial
  • Full-spectrum coherent water
  • Silicone cap
Dimensions: 16 x 1cm Box dimensions 23 x 8,5 x 5 cm
Aǹalemma is made out of thin quartz glass and is therefore very fragile. If it falls it will almost certainly break, so handle it with extreme care.
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