Technology Specialist

Position Overview

The Technology Specialist will serve as the primary technology resource and administrator for the team. They will maintain an understanding of all technology platforms used by the team, and how these systems integrate for functionality and efficiency. They will also manage the website, updating content and troubleshooting as needed.

The Technology Specialist will work under the direction of Dr. Andrew Kaufman and preserve his ideals. They will work collaboratively with the Marketing Director and Project Manager to implement technical initiatives for various projects and marketing efforts.

This is a full-time, virtual position for an inspired individual, driven to take a hands-on role in the growth of the business. Applicants must have direct experience with an e-Commerce platform (WooCommerce is preferred) and in facilitating digital and hard goods, subscriptions, and membership products. Proficiency in CSS with a focus on mobile-first design is preferred. Knowledge of Kajabi, Stripe, and Klaviyo are a plus.


Applications for this position have closed.

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