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Known in antiquity as “The Magic Stone” for its healing properties, Zeohealth Zeolite Pure may be used to protect us from the thousands of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Zeohealth Zeolite Pure removes toxins and heavy metals, and increases energy, vitality, and longevity.

Scientific studies show remarkable results for Zeolite

Removes Mycotoxins | Removes Harmful Chemicals  | No Known Side Effects| Safe for Adults and Children + More!

Zeohealth Zeolite Pure




Zeohealth Zeolite Pure as recommended by Andrew Kaufman, M.D. is pure all-natural zeolite crystal that attracts and traps a myriad of toxic particles and heavy metals and ushers them safely out of the body.

Zeolite Pure is so highly effective at removing toxins and heavy metals, that it is known in antiquity as The Magic Stone” due to the miraculous healing effects that are experienced when extreme toxins are removed.

It is the element that binds and removes toxic metals and other toxins from the gut, drawing them out of the esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine, liver, pancreas, and gall bladder.

Zeohealth Zeolite Pure is all natural and sourced from the USA for its ultra-purity.


100% Pure Natural Clinoptilolite Zeolite mineral, mined in the USA.

Learn how to
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Removing Heavy Metals: A Natural Approach Workshop with Andrew Kaufman, M.D., guides you through the steps for detoxification highlighting procedures for water consumption, diet, elimination, and renourishment, using four vital earth elements. A full Metal Detoxification Protocol by Andrew Kaufman, M.D. is included with the workshop. Join us to learn everything you need to know about the Elements of Life Collection, the 30-Day Heavy Metal Detox Kit and a Heavy Metal Detoxification Protocol to restore your natural, healthy state of being. 

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Removing the Worst Toxins will Allow the body to Heal.

Zeolite is a natural mineral with a crystalline honeycomb structure. It has a negative charge that attracts positively charged heavy metals and toxic particles. These toxins are targeted and trapped so they can safely be removed from the body. The body can then replace the heavy metals with the proper nutrients.

Zeolite binds and removes heavy metals and toxins like aluminum from vaccines, lead, cadmium, arsenic, fluoridated, chlorinated and brominated compounds, radioactive particles, aerosolized toxins from geoengineering, and many more.

Zeolite traps and removes aflatoxin and other mold toxins (mycotoxins), nitrates, ammonia, chemotherapy drugs (doxorubicin), fluorides, and insecticides (organophosphates); radioactive elements, such as cesium; and heavy metals, such as lead, mercury, strontium, cadmium, and others. It also removes toxic aluminum, such as in vaccines.

This allows for healing to begin so we can overcome our dis-ease, become healthy and thrive!

Zeofocus protects our families and our children.

Future Moms can prepare for pregnancy by preventing accumulated toxic chemicals from transferring to their unborn children. Removing toxins can reduce birth complications and ensure the optimal health of the mother and child. In studies where zeolite was used, enhanced fertility occurred.

Removing toxic metals from the brain, such as aluminum, protects from and reverses neurological disorders. Zeohealth Zeolite Pure promotes positive effects in Alzheimer disease and other neurological disorders affected by the “Gut-Brain Axis.”

Toxins accumulate in fatty tissue on your body and are a major contributor of the obesity epidemic. Removal of these toxins is the key to weight loss.

Zeohealth Zeolite Pure is beneficial to young and old, and everyone in between. We can mitigate our exposure to toxins, reverse the damage, and live with vitality, focus, and freedom.

Zeohealth Zeolite Pure works in balance with our bodies.

Zeolite does not interfere with or remove vitamins and minerals we are getting from food, such as calcium, phosphate, magnesium, potassium, sodium, iron, copper, and zinc. It has Selective focus in binding and only targets toxic molecules (unlike silica and activated charcoal.)

Zeohealth Zeolite Pure is made of natural harmless clinoptilolite aluminosilicates that do not release into the body. Zeolite has shown a complete absence of toxicity in several published toxicological studies, and is safe for adults and children.

Zeohealth Zeolite Pure removes toxic chemicals and heavy metals, protects our bodies, can be used daily for ongoing protection, and helps us all, young and old become healthy and vital again. Truly “The Magic Stone”!

Zeohealth Zeolite Pure has Unique Properties and Uses.

Zeolite studies show unique clinical properties for use, including Hemostasis (controls bleeding,) Antioxidant (increases activity of SOD and catalase,) Anti-diarrheal agent.

In clinical studies, Zeolite has been shown to increase intestinal wall integrity and promotes a healthy intestinal microbiome.

Zeolite demonstrated Anti-Cancer properties in studies shown to inhibit and eliminate the replication of rapidly reproducing abnormal cells.

About Zeohealth Zeolite Pure

Zeolite is known in antiquity as “The Magic Stone” for its healing properties.

Zeohealth Zeolite Pure may be used to protect us from the thousands of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Zeolite is known to dig deep into the tissues and the brain to target dangerous heavy metals and chemicals that are preventing us from reaching our health goals.

Removing toxins decreases inflammation allowing our bodies to heal and revitalize. Zeohealth Zeolite Pure removes toxins and heavy metals effectively, resulting in increased energy, vitality, and longevity.

Some Known Benefits of Zeolite:

Zeohealth Zeolite Pure has a wide variety of uses.

Zeohealth Zeolite Pure may be used to protect us from the thousands of chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. Zeofocus removes toxins, increases energy, vitality, and longevity.

Here are three great ways to use Zeohealth Zeolite Pure

Remarkable Scientifically-Published Benefits

Elevated levels of Heavy Metals have been found in people with neurodegenerative diseases. Studies show elevated lead and mercury levels in people with dementia, Alzheimer’s, and MS. Cilantro has been shown to remove these metals from the body.










Zeofocus Zeolite
by Andrew Kaufman, M.D.

Zeolite is known in antiquity as “The Magic Stone” for its healing properties.


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